Asyncio Consumer for Kinesis

One of the most famous design patterns for distributed systems is the unified log. Its widespread usage must be credited to Linkedin’s engineers that described and implemented one of the most used streaming platform: Kafka. The only drawback that makes people hesitant when considering Kafka for their tech stack is the maintenance it’ll need which is not an option for small teams. There are not many alternatives to Kafka when adopting a unified logs pattern, and the only one fully managed is Amazon Kinesis. »

Inside The Event Loop

In tech, most of the new features we pray are usually just a slightly different version of an old technology that people forgot about for a while and some smart guy revamped giving it a second youth. This is what happened with asynchronous programming when JS and Python provided native support for it introducing two new keywords await and async, providing a better way to write asynchronous code that needs to wait for a promise, or future, to complete before executing the rest of the code. »

The Devil is in the JSON Details

TL;DR: use I-JSON instead of “pure” JSON when designing a new API. JSON is nowadays ubiquitous, and it’s impossible to find any programming language that doesn’t provide support for it. All modern APIs replaced the (in)famous XML with less cumbersome and more human-friendly JSON payloads, and even if it’s not the most performant or space-efficient data format we all agreed it’s de-facto format for web APIs. JSON is the acronym of JavaScript Object Notation and, and as its name suggests, it was derived from JavaScript and its original spec can be found at json. »

Largo Al Factotum

My (nick)name is Figaro and I’m a Software Engineer and I love being one. For years I told myself I would have started a blog when I had something cool to show off and discuss. Many projects have been completed, some failed, and a lot of lessons have been learnt, but no blog post was written and knowledge shared. So, I decided to try a completely different strategy: I’ll write a blog post while I work on a project or as soon as I learn something interesting. »