Largo Al Factotum

My (nick)name is Figaro and I’m a Software Engineer and I love being one. For years I told myself I would have started a blog when I had something cool to show off and discuss. Many projects have been completed, some failed, and a lot of lessons have been learnt, but no blog post was written and knowledge shared. So, I decided to try a completely different strategy: I’ll write a blog post while I work on a project or as soon as I learn something interesting.

Let’s define what I mean with project. Obviously a project can be some code I write and I’d like to talk about (eg a library written in X to do Y), but it can be anything new I’d like to learn or some knowledge I want to extend (eg understanding how this new cool messaging system works or using a new arcane git command).

Hopefully, I’ll write something other people will find useful and I’ll get to learn more from the comments. S

Why “TheFactotum”? It means who does all kinds of work which is an accurate description of what a full-stack developer is supposed to to (and also because I like opera).


A 75%-stack developer trying to create something useful.